At Luxcott, we design and craft home textile in a range of aesthetics and sizes, allowing our customers to create a home that's unique to their space and lifestyle, and make the most of special occasions and life every day.

Our designs blend classic influences with modern lines; eclectic inspiration with great American style. We love spaces that feel put together, yet livable – well-traveled with a personal point of view.

We believe home should be a welcome oasis – your favorite place to retreat, to gather, to live well everyday.



We operate our business under these guiding principles

Luxcott is us and you. Together, we’re building a sustainable company, we believe in a job well done. We believe work provides not just money but meaning. We believe in fairness and empathy. We believe we can do great things.

We are excited about building strong relationships with everyone we interact with: our customers, our community, and our suppliers.



We are a lifestyle brand that has bonded with its customers to make an impact in the community and around the world. Our primary passion and commitment is to protect the conservation of endagered animals. Our deep care for the community also inspires us to support issues that impact the daily lives of our customers and employees. As a company, we have a unique approach to giving back that incorporates our nonprofit partners, employees, social media and the community.


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